TU Delft’s QuTech is a mission-driven research institute for quantum computing and quantum internet, a radically new technology with world-changing potential. QuTech Academy, a sub-group, is also aiming to educate the future workforce on the potential and possibilities of quantum.

EDUtech_talks sat down with Associate Professor Christian Kraglund Andersen, at QuTech, TU Delft and Lead of QuTech Academy, to find out more about quantum computing, why it’s a key topic for education and how this type of technology is going to change the workforce and the type of skills future graduates are required to possess.

Christian will be taking the stage at EDUtech Europe 2023. At his Keynote sessions, he will be introducing us to the world of quantum, how quantum computers are going to change the world of work and why education plays a key role in building the quantum workforce of tomorrow.  

EDUtech Europe is returning on 10-12 October at RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. Leading minds in education from across Europe will be presenting stories, showcasing innovation, and inspiring educators across the region. Get your tickets here.


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