Laura Knight has been leading Berkhamstead School’s Digital Learning efforts for over 10 years. We ask her what has changed over the years, and what it means to approach digital strategies with a ‘holistic’ mindset.

Laura will be taking the stage this October at EDUtech Europe to share ideas on how school leaders should be approaching AI use in their institutions. Before her Keynote, EDUtech_talks sat down to discuss the current state of AI use in schools and the prerequisites surrounding its deployment. Laura also shares why she won’t alleviate any concerns around its presence and encourages educators to remain vigilant and cautious.

Join Laura this October in Amsterdam as she sheds light on the AI revolution, how you can manage the risks involved and why investing in educator training is paramount to its success.

EDUtech Europe is returning on 10-12 October at RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. Leading minds in education from across Europe will be presenting stories, showcasing innovation, and inspiring educators across the region. Get your tickets here.


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