Steve Isaacs was a classroom teacher for 28 years. He started a middle and high school Game Design and Development program in New Jersey, USA, which led to a transformation in the style of teaching from one of direct instruction to taking a back seat and creating a space for learning that leveraged student expertise and co-learning.

We discover how Steve got into the world of gaming and e-Sports as we chat with him ahead of his Keynote session at EDUtech Asia 2022. Are games like Fortnite a window an example of Metaverse interactions? What’s a barrier to greater technology adoption in our schools? Why are game developers so interested in the education sector and what do they bring to table when it comes to teaching and learning? Get all the answers in our fascinating, in-depth interview with Steve.

If this has piqued your interest, you definitely need to catch Steve at EDUtech Asia 2022 where he will be sharing how gaming is shaping the Metaverse. Book your pass here!


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