In PISA’s 2018 rankings, Estonia emerged as top performer from Europe. Education systems are not only effective, but most importantly equitable. In recent times, increased digitalisation across the entire country has also added to its ability to weather the challenge of school closures during the pandemic.

Technology is one of the secrets of its success

Ahead of EDUtech Europe’s highly anticipated Keynote policy panel, we sat down with Aivar Hiio, Project Manager, Area of Learning Paths from the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia to find out more. We discuss how schools are leading the way in improving lesson delivery and digitalisation, the future of personalised learning, and the next big project for education systems in Estonia.

Join Aivar at EDUtech Europe coming up on 5-6 October 2022 to hear more about digitalisation efforts in schools across Europe and more. Get your pass here.

Sylvester, Rachel. “How Estonia Does It: Lessons from Europe’s Best School System.” Education Commission | The Times. The Times, January 26, 2022.


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