What’s New, What’s Next in Education and EdTech: A Captivating Recap of EDUtech Asia 2023

16 November 2023

With a compelling mix of thought-provoking discussions, ground-breaking innovations, and collaborative networking opportunities, EDUtech Asia 2023 stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of learning in the digital age.

EDUtech Asia 2023, held from 7-9 November 2023 at Sands Expo Singapore, broke records with over 10,000 registrations from across the Asia region. The three-day event unfolded with 400 speakers sharing the latest insights through workshops, presentations, and panel discussions, creating a vibrant platform for collaborative learning. The show floor, occupied by over 130 sponsors and exhibitors, showcased cutting-edge EdTech tools and solutions, offering attendees a hands-on experience with the future of education.

The sheer scale of the event underscored its significance as a pivotal gathering for educators, EdTech experts, and policymakers passionate about reshaping the future of education.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Content Director, Alessandro Bilotta expressed “I am thrilled to share that our recent event, EDUtech Asia 2023, was a resounding success! With record attendance and an electrifying atmosphere across the three days, it was a truly unforgettable experience. The feedback from our community of educators has been nothing short of excellent. Their passion for what they do and their acknowledgement that our event supports their mission is truly heart-warming.”

AI dominates conversations, but age-old challenges press on

Exploring diverse themes, from the impact of artificial intelligence in classrooms to the long-enduring challenge of making assessments work, EDUtech Asia 2023 delved into the most pressing issues and exciting advancements in education.

From the hallways to the theatres AI possibly featured in every conversation across the three days. And rightly so. Whether it be figuring out the best way to leverage such a technology or setting up safeguards to ensure the ‘right’ and ‘appropriate’ use of it.

Keynote Speaker Professor Rose Luckin reminded audiences that AI in education is not new. What has changed fundamentally, is the systems that are now available and the areas where they can be applied, the scaled availability of AI-powered platforms, and the human-like behaviour that has arisen from further development. Luckin calls for a deeper consideration of metacognition and a renewed focus on the thinking capabilities of learners.

EDUtech Asia 2023 - Rose Luckin Presentation

AI might be the emerging ‘tech on the scene’, but other pressing issues like assessments, personalised learning, scalable tech implementation, and day-to-day use of EdTech in the classroom linger on, with discussions on these issues drawing huge crowds.

Innovation Unveiled: EDUtech’s Technological Marvels Transforming Education

The exhibition floor buzzed with excitement as innovative companies and start-ups showcased their cutting-edge technologies. From STEAM solutions, educational devices, learning management systems, digital assessment platforms and more, event-goers explored a wide variety of the most recent developments in EdTech and where they might be able to improve their school systems.

Solution providers were also able to meet the users, getting to know their needs and challenges better and sieving out ways for further partnerships and collaborations. “[I] successfully connected with a brilliant and innovative community, establishing numerous valuable connections to take our business forward” shares Jake Peters of Octopus BI, Australia.

Forging connections and fostering knowledge exchange

EDUtech Asia 2023 - Conference Theatre

EDUtech Asia 2023 has truly been a hub for all different stakeholders involved in education to come together to share their knowledge with peers and work through some of the compelling challenges facing the sector.

“This is the only educational event that has a tech focus. With the wide variety of exhibitors and speakers, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect educational decision-makers with their tech team to identify opportunities for supporting and advancing their institutions’ academic and institutional goals” says Kathleen Ngkaion from Jakarta Intercultural School.  

When asked about his event experience and the need for events like this, Sean McMinn, Director of the Center for Education at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, noted how the event was a coming together of companies, academics, and policymakers, providing an interactive space for them to speak to one another. For leaders like himself, the exhibition opens eyes to what is currently out there and how they can partner up with companies to discuss the issues facing institutions.

Talia Vilaire and Samantha Nelson, the conference managers of EDUtech, shared their closing thoughts on the event, “EDUtech Asia 2023 was an outstanding success. Our illuminating keynotes not only highlighted the latest trends in education but also cast a spotlight on the future of the industry. The conference and exhibition drew impressive attendance, and the positive feedback that we’ve received from speakers and participants has been truly gratifying. The wheel never stops turning, and we are committed to bringing you an even better edition of EDUtech Asia to you. Next stop: EDUtech Asia 2024!”

“To say EDUtech Asia is a success is only a testament to the brilliant line-up of speakers, up-to-date content and cutting-edge technology on display; and of course, a team of dedicated hardworking individuals that helped to bring this vision to life. EDUtech Asia 2023 showcased topics that were on the minds of educators throughout the region. It was so humbling to receive such wonderful feedback as well as the positive experience created to build more connections and expand our network of educators. Bring it on 2024, lights out and away we go!”

EDUtech Asia 2023 - Panel preview 2024

EDUtech Asia 2023 was a powerful showcase of the advancements and innovative solutions being developed right now to support and transform education. With the long list of keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, presentations, sponsorships, and exhibitors, these three days provided invaluable insights into the opportunities and complexities ahead of us. EDUtech Asia returns to Singapore on 6-7 November 2024, participate as a speaker or sponsor, or just come along for the journey as registration is now open.  


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