The global International Schools market_How will it take shape in the next 10 years?

The International Schools market will double in revenue in the next decade. Projected to reach USD$112 billion in revenue, this market is one to keep an eye on. Here’s a closer look at what else is in store for this growing sub-sector.

More schools, more students, more staff

The number of schools is expected to grow by 66% with increasing demand and pockets of opportunities. With more schools come more students. Student populations are expected to reach 11 million by 2030, requiring a further 1.1 million staff to support burgeoning cohorts. However, staff recruitment and retention will be challenging after this long period of uncertainty and teacher burnout.

Asia the hub of demand and the rise of the mid-market school

In the past five years, enrolment in schools in Southern Asia has increased by 64.6%…, Eastern Asia up 33.3%…, South-Eastern Asia increased 31.5%.

57% of global demand for international schools originates in Asia. This could be down to parent’s preference to keep their children closer to home as compared to being at a boarding school and more recently, due to the rise of the mid-market fee school. With fees being more affordable and the preference for English-medium education, mid-market school enrolments reached 1.36 million in 2021.

Contemporary, future-ready education delivery

The independent nature, and expectation of international schools as a contemporary education solution places them in an important position within the global education market.

More than half of existing schools are very likely to move into a hybrid learning model, generating a huge demand for software and hardware to facilitate such a change. Since 2018, an increasing number of schools have appointed a new tech-focused teaching & learning leadership role. This includes Director of digital innovation; Head of learning technology; EdTech director; Head of blended & online learning.

There are significant shifts happening in the International Schools market. Besides the massive projected two-fold growth, shift in lesson delivery, heightened competition, and changing student expectations are drastically altering how school leaders will position their institution in the years to come.

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