From personal coaching to co-curricular activities, hear how schools have introduced new initiatives to drive greater work-life balance in a period of blurred lines during online work and study. Understand the importance of creating a sense of belonging through both in-person and online activities for greater accessibility, participation, and visibility.

Moderator – Amira Firdaus, Deputy Director, Academic Enhancement & Leadership Development Centre (ADeC)
Panellists – Deborah Hall, Professor of Positive Psychology, Heriot-Watt University; Syamsul Fozy Bin Osman, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Development and Campus Lifestyle), Kolej Universiti Poly-Tech MARA; Azrin Esmady Bin Ariffin, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affaris & Dean, Faculty of Optometry & Vision Sciences, SEGi University; Noran Naqiah Hairi, Dean for the Health and Wellbeing Research Cluster, Universiti Malaya


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