Artificial Intelligence, Professional Development, Personalised Learning: What’s concerning educators today?

ChatGPT has reached 100 million users in just half a year. In yet another shake-up to the education landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) has caused much uncertainty in institutions. EDUtech_talks asked their community of educators what’s top-of-mind when it comes to teaching and learning and the use of technologies in classrooms. The results? A mix of emerging concerns and persisting challenges. Get the full report here.

An eye for an “AI”

With the exponential growth in technology employment, institutions are maturing and looking towards emerging tools like AI. However, a recent survey by UNESCO suggests less than 10% of institutions have formal guidance on the use of AI. Access to these tools is also easier, and in the hands of digital natives, educators and leaders are finding it challenging to keep pace and provide timely guardrails on its use.

Supporting teachers before attrition takes its toll

Blended, game-based, personalised. Lesson delivery models have diversified and more EdTech tools have been deployed, and rightly so. Teachers need to be equipped with the right skills and competencies to realise the true potential of such transformations. In a long list of competing priorities, how can leaders support and motivate CPD and how can it match the pace of changes? However, a more pressing matter of attrition and shortage is troubling government bodies and institutions.

Find out the other top education and EdTech issues in EDUtech_talks latest E-book. Download the report here.

UNESCO. “UNESCO Survey: Less than 10% of Schools and Universities Have Formal Guidance on Ai.”, June 1, 2023.


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